“Not Just the Money,” London Review of Books
All your ATM are belong to us, say the fiendish online goblins.

Petroleum, Louisiana
Nature, capital, and a certain number of dead birds.

“Pre-Occupied,” The New Yorker
The revolution will not be organized.

“Amazing or Shit,” London Review of Books
Think different and grow rich. The life of Steve Jobs.

“How Fast Can He Cook a Chicken?” London Review of Books
Reviewing the BP Oil Spill.

“The Trials of Minerva,” Wired
Through insight + bombast + anonymity, an unemployed thirty year-old man becomes South Korea's most powerful blogger. So powerful, in fact, that the government puts him in jail.

“The Trolls Among Us,” The New York Times Magazine
Evil Internet villains explain why they love to torment the innocent. The tale of Weev. Possible remedies explored.

“The Hold-’Em Holdup,” The New York Times Magazine
Baptist minister's son gets hooked on online poker. Loses. Borrows. Robs a bank.