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Herzen tells how, on one occasion, when Bakúnin was traveling from Paris to Prague, he had happened upon a revolt of German peasants, who were “making an uproar around the castle, not knowing what to do. Bakúnin got out of his conveyance, and, without wasting any time to find out what the dispute was about, formed the peasants into ranks and instructed them so skilfully [he had been an artillery officer in Russia] that by the time he resumed his seat to continue his journey, the castle was burning on all four sides.” (Edmund Wilson, “To the Finland Station”)

“It may look like a community because we all look the same,” said Mr. Cohen, of Toronto. “But I don’t know almost any of the people here.” (NYT)

To distinguish knowledge from non-knowledge is actual knowledge. — Confucius

On the library’s website, it says that the library closes at 8pm. If you ask the guards, they will tell you 7:45. One of them comes in and shouts “two minutes” about halfway between 7:42 and 7:43.

It takes about five minutes for to pull money out of Kiva, which lends it out to small merchants thousands of miles away. It takes several days to pull money out of the retail stock brokerage “Scottrade,” which claims to have invested it in “liquid” securities. After the stock is sold it takes two days to “clear” and then another few days for them to cut the check.

Ironic motivational poster concept: First a headline: “Sweeping generalizations.” Then a picture of Christopher Hitchens. Underneath, a small caption, “Go big or go home!” White serif text on black background, in the style of a motivational poster.

Another ironic motivational poster concept: headline: “Magisterial.” Then a picture of someone like Edward Gibbon, but more recognizable. Small caption: “Easier said than done.”

DGZ means “desired ground zero” according to SIOP-62.


Everett brought in a master builder who taught and supervised the Pirahã in making a canoe, so that they could make their own. But when they needed another canoe, they said that “Pirahã do not make canoes” and told Everett that he should buy them a canoe.

Looking at my Wells Fargo-issued Platinum Debit Card following this evening’s dinner, it occurred to me that “platinum” is capitalist for “chump.”

“While acknowledging that the circumstances of a middle-of-the-night firefight are murky, an American official briefed on the matter cast doubt on the local account.”

Bim Sherman

Ting Ling — Old Rock

“Unfortunately bombs have no eyes …” — pamphlet dropped on Japan, attributed to LeMay

“Any information pertaining to the relationship between Google and NSA would reveal protected information about NSA’s implementation of its information assurance mission,”

“I knew I couldn’t go to the moon or cure cancer, but I did know how to go real fast, and the most patriotic thing I could think of was to take the unlimited land-speed record away from the British.”

Harold Hering


“Unfortunately” used to be my least favorite word in the vocabulary of institutional boilerplate. Today it has been topped by “for the sake of administrative convenience,” which is both more honest and more terrifying.

The morning’s existential squeeze … has nearly killed me, at least once.

“Mr. Zhao was the lowliest link in the chain — the person who actually did some work.”

Spotted at 6th Avenue just to the north of Houston, around 8:30pm Tuesday, an idling gray Ferrari. Behind the wheel a man wearing a Guy Fawkes maskk. I am not sure what this means, or what happens next but I felt like I needed to make a note of it and load that note to the Internet.

I have spent fifteen years teaching myself how to make stir-fry. Then I spent half an hour distilling this knowledge into a document that you can read in about three minutes. http://www.mattathiasschwartz.com/recipe-frying-pan-stir-fry/

Need Brooklyn Malm dresser please now

A diplomat congratulated Stalin on making it to Berlin. Stalin said “Meh. Czar Alexander I made it to Paris.”

The closest telephone is a short distance away in the nearby community of N——.  There is an internet café about twelve kilometers down the road in the town of C——.


Impulses are to men what deviants and criminals are to the nation–the best policy is to surreptitiously monitor them and assassinate the most dangerous ones *before* they have the chance to do anything. —J. Edgar Hoover

Never forget that Facebook was designed by college students.

Moka pot

If you can play tennis on Monday morning, every Monday morning, you’re about as rich as it’s worth the trouble of being.

The same things that make a piece of work impeachable are the things that make it interesting.

To type messages in this box is forbidden.

Of all forms of procrastination, work itself is the most pernicious

people people … what is the best 1tb external hard drive for $200 for less?

Who would not be a serene and organized person, if they were in year nineteen of a thirty-year exhaustive investigation into the life of LBJ?