Document: Jamaica/Dudus FOIA Release from U.S. Southern Command

>> This batch of documents is divided into three parts.

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>> Some key disclosures:

The documents suggest that U.S. special forces were deployed to Jamaica during the operation to arrest Coke, where they were “developing situational awareness and monitoring developments on the ground,” and regularly reporting back to Southern Command. The unredacted portions of the documents do not make reference to participation by U.S. special forces in the May 24, 2010 assault on Tivoli Gardens. So on my reading, these documents contain the first hard evidence that U.S. forces were deployed in Jamaica at the time of the assault, though it is not clear exactly what they were doing.

Several portions of the documents confirm the U.S.-directed P-3 surveillance flights. The documents note that the flights were observed by “open sources.” This likely refers to an image taken by a photographer for the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper.

The documents report that the JDF “cancelled” U.S. flights, presumably the surveillance flights, on May 26. This suggests that the JDF were aware of U.S. surveillance flights as they were taking place.

>> Here is a quick glossary that should be helpful when looking through the files:

AMCIT — American citizen
Depord — deployment order
DTO — drug trafficking organization
EAP — Emergency Action Plan
FMF — Foreign Military Financing
J2 — Intelligence Directorate (component of U.S. Southern Command)
J7 — Theater Engagement (component of U.S. Southern Command)
J33 — Current Operations (component of U.S. Southern Command)
J35 — Future Operations (component of U.S. Southern Command)
JDF — Jamaica Defence Force
JCF — Jamaica Constabulary Force
HA — humanitarian assistance
ISR — intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance
LNOs — liaison officers
MLO — military liaison office
PFACC — Partnership for the Americas Collaboration Center
SSAT — SOCSOUTH Situational Assessment Team
SOCSOUTH — U.S. Special Operations Command South
SVTC — Secure Visual Telecommunication Connection