Audio: Christopher Coke phone call from September 2006

Click here … cokephone.wav … to download audio file.

Click here … 1T-R.tif … to download excerpts from transcript as introduced into evidence by the prosecution.

Other interesting quotes, adapted slightly from patois:

15:33, Coke: Them nah think how to make no money. Them only think about war, war, war …

15:41, Unidentified Male: At di end of di day me and you know fi war cost money and dem nah want spend no money.

15:45, Coke: We a show dem di facts and dem nah see, because when war a’go on, men go a’prison, men have to run away, and you have a casualty. A war with innocent bystander and men who in di fields. You see me? If war come then war come but we can’t go outta the way to start war.

18:14, Coke: Me say me vex [angry] and every man wanna go up there an mow ‘em down … wapm to dem idiot dem. [What is the matter with those idiots.]